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Up Coming Camps/Events
Here is a list of our coming Events/Camps:
- CanAm-------------- May 2002
- Jambo-------------- June 2003
- Make a Wish-------- May 2002

Summer Camp for Company
We are currently under a lot of new business in respect to creation of a solid MedVent programme to present to Scout Canada early for next year, however we feel that for a leisure activity for our company we should have a summer camp. Once again although we are swamped with work we do need this camp. I [Eric] would like to call upon any volunteers who are willing to take over the planning of this camp. Please get back to me ASAP. I would also like to remind everyone that we are going wall climbing in on April 2nd, 2002. DONT FORGET YOUR .00.


"We are a Medical Company first, but we must keep in mind that we would not be here if it wasn’t for the structure of Scouts Canada Venturer Programme"
Eric James (President)