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Welcome To The Essex-Windsor Medical Venturers HomePage
If you are involved with the Scouting Programme or not you can take advantage of this new programme being offered by Scouts Canada Venturers. Our Mission is simple:” To provide First Aid to those in need, and to further create a safe, comfortable environment for everyone” Our job is much more then putting on bandages or giving CPR, our job is to give the young people of Essex-Windsor a chance to discover the Medical Field through Scouts Canada. Who Are We? We are a Venturer Company who, through partnership with Essex-Windsor EMS, train each Wednesday night to become a Medical Corps for the Essex-Windsor EMS. We believe in the practices of Scouts Canada and therefore respect the Venturer Programme. We not only enhance the medical awareness of the youth but we create a group of young men and women who are strong, responsible and active citizens of Essex-Windsor. Our main goal, however, is to provide First Aid to those who need it and have fun while doing it.
Message From the Key Advisor
It's hard to belive that a year has gone by already! We have been busy this year establishing our Venturer Comapny and getting bylaws in place and working. We have worked first aid at a few events in the past year and look foward to even more events this year (the calendar is filling up fast). Mostly all our youth are trained in Standard First Aid and CPR. They have also had familiarization with defibrillators. They are an eager group of youth and look foward to working many events. It has taken a while to work out all of the problems facing a new company but with a strong executive I believe we have accopmlished this although there is still much mor to be done. I would like to thank our leaders (especially my wife Shirly) for there support, guidance and assistance they have offered me and the Executive over the past year. We would not be here without their support. I would also thank the Executive and memebers of the Company for thei hard work and dedication. As the President said, you are working together as a team and having fun doing it (I hope) Keep up the good work! Thanks also go out to Essex/Windsor EMS and County Council for their support, it is greatly appreciated.
Anyone interested in joining our Company as a youth or advisor please feel free to contact myself (ron@x5ca.net) or any of out Executive.
Anyone that would like us to work first-aid at your event contact us through our web-site contacts.

Yours in Scouting,
Ron Drouillard
Who Are Venturers?
It has been an awesome term for our Company. We have learned to work as a team and get things done right and effectively the first time. I am pleased to say that you guys are the best group I have ever had the opportunity to lead. I can look forward to only better and bigger things for you people. A special thanks to our Advisor and the Essex-Windsor EMS for their endless efforts in giving us the resources to be the Venturer Company that we are today. Thank you to those of who have talked and told others about services thanks to you our phone never stops ringing. Once again thanks guys for a GREAT year.

Are You Interested in Joining?
If you are interested in becoming a Venturer there are no requirements that you must meet other then your age and attitude. You do not have to be in Scouting but you must become a member before you join. If you have any questions just e-mail the company at the link on the right. We are always welcoming new members.

Have a Camp or Event Coming Up?
Do you need/want First Aid at your camp? Just send us an e-mail with the date, place and description of your event/camp and we will see what we can.
Medical Venturers

Our Mission: "To provide First Aid to those in need, and to further create a safe, confortable enviroment for everyone"