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There are two types of links below. The first are links that can be viewed and used by the general public, members of Scout Canada, and members of the 1st Essex-Windsor Medical Venturer Programme. The second types of links are links that are used within the Company, the general public do have access to these links but we ask that you please maintain respect and leave them alone. If you would like to know about up-coming events or posts within the corkboards and are not a member of the company you can contact us by going to the "Contact Page".

1st Essex-Windsor Medical Venturer Links
Advisors CorkBoard A Place for Advisors to Share What-Ever It Is That They Do!
Members CorkBoard Up-Coming Events, Latest Motions, and Messages for the Whole Are Postred Here
Fun CorkBoard Here is where you can post the latest joke (in-side or out) or just have fun as we are suppose to

Favorite Sites
Scouts Canada The Official Scouts Canada Web-Site
Canada Web-Site You Know We Are Canadian---So We Felt We Needed This
Yahoo.Ca Want to Do A Quick Search----- Do It Canadian EH


"Ties and links to the outside are a major part of a successful Company, no matter what the format"
Eric James, President